A set of tools to integrate, navigate and manage information from multiple rhizomic data sources (zomes?) - such as public and personal wikis / web networks / community structure / social networks / folksonomies / concept-nets / PublicText networks

concept / features

  • working with PublicText -sharing concepts/interface/metaphors/code
  • universal multi-zome UI - that works with multiple information sources
    • visualising zomes/subzomes
    • plugin architecture to integrate any data source that can be represented as a zome (wikis, web, social software)
    • interwiki like – see Federated Wikis
  • simple text standard for rhizomic data sources/structures (tags, attributes, dictionaries, link weights)
  • community tooling in UI …
    • version control, immutable
    • identity management
    • reputation systems - trust handling
    • conflict resolution - forking - community forking - visibility - linking
    • consensus tools
    • bounties/rewards - new-work - digital citizenry
  • intelligent agent - crawling zomes - organising and indexing
  • zero-privacy public record for public contexts, trust handling in community contexts, and secure private context



Why we need a zero-privacy, completely transparent public aspect to our digital life - as well as separate, cryptographically secure private lives.